Great Smoky Mountains National Park
by R. Neal,


1Highest peak in the Smokies (13)
6Light a fire with this (5)
8Sung by settlers in primitive churches (4)
9Salad made from toxic weed (4)
10Visitor center near Gatlinburg (10)
13Often unpaved in remote areas (4)
15_______ Tops (7)
17Waterfalls named for colorful sky display (7)
19Treeless features, Gregory is one (5)
20Third highest peak, with a lodge for hikers (7)
22Valley where you can see elk (11)
26An angry bear's sound (4)
28Early explorer and guide Wiley ______ (6)
29One of the founding families of Gatlinburg, still owns many businesses and properties there (4)
30National school of arts and crafts in Gatlinburg (9)


1What the family does at Elkmont (5)
2Campfire remains (3)
3Where bear cubs sleep (3)
4Used to clean the floor (3)
5Main ingredient of gumbo, also good fried (4)
7Wading bird seen in lower elevation streams (5)
11Cook at the campground on this (5)
12Trees provide plenty of this (5)
14Find water using a forked stick (5)
15Corn on the ___ (3)
16Similar to a sweet potato (3)
18Your dog might bury this at a campsite (4)
21Smoky Mountain Songbird with a coat of many colors (5)
22Hauled on a train or a barge (5)
23Where one hikes (5)
24Dominant color of the Smokies in the summer (5)
25Do this to remove cream from milk (4)
27President who dedicated the Great Smoky Mountains National Park "for the permanent enjoyment of the people" (3)


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